The  Project

Promoting Social Inclusion through Art


The ART4PSY Project is exploring innovative ways of building understanding between people with severe mental health illness and the general population in order to facilitate their social inclusion, while in the same time it promotes transnational circulation of cultural and creative works produced by mental health patients. Additionally, ART4PSY supports mental health patients to explore the possibility for a career in the cultural and creative sector, as they will have the chance to promote their work to a much broader (and international) audience. Furthermore, ART4PSY will promote social inclusion, fight stigma and increase public awareness of talents and skills of artists with mental health problems.

The project offers mental health patients from three different countries the opportunity to use their own creativity, talents, ideas, opinions and imagination to create a scenario and implement a theatrical performance.

This will give them the chance to communicate with their local communities, and exchange good practices and know-how with people from other countries who face similar problems. At the same time it equips them with new skills and competences, exposing them to new experiences and challenges that will help them reduce the negative effects of mental illness.

Art 4Psy

The vision of the ART4PSY project is to set up a sustainable European cooperation for using art as way to promote social inclusion for mental health patients and creating new career opportunities...







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