Due to the Pandemic of COVID-19 the ART4PSY Festival had been postponed for several months and the members of all artistic teams faced significant obstacles in pursuing their artistic goals. Nevertheless, the mental health users participating in the artistic groups managed to stay active, took the chance of co-creation and presented an amazing result!

  • In Greece, the Festival took place the 19-20-21 November 2021 under the title “Art Creations & Mental Health via Zoom.
  • In Belgium, the Festival took place the 22-23 October 2021 in the area of the “Pianocktail” Bar.
  • In the Czech republic, the Festival took place the 27-28 of November, 2021 via Youtube channel.


“Art Creations & Mental Health”: The Athens ART4PSY festival

In Athens, the three days Festival, organized by PEPSAEE included:

  • A presentation of the ART4PSY Project
  • The 3 theatrical performances created by mental health users in Greece, Belgium and the Czech Republic
  • Discussion panels for art and mental health
  • A presentation of the ART4PSY Virtual Gallery, that hosts artwork from more than 10 mental health organizations in Greece and much more from other countries.


More than 200 participants were connected to the Festival!!!

The ART4PSY Festival in Belgium

In Brussels, “L’ Appetit des Indigestes” organized a two days festival in the “Pianocktail” bar.

During the festival, the visitors had the chance to visit the artistic exhibition, which included pieces of collage, sculptures, paintings and black and white photographs.

The second day, the theatrical performance “Interstices”, as well as the theatrical plays created by PEPSAEE and ART Movement were presented.

The Czech republic and ART4PSY Festival

Due to the lockdown, the festival was held in the Czech Republic only online, on November 27-28, 2021.

During the festival, visitors to the organization's YT channel had the opportunity to see all the theatrical performances that were created during the project and also to look at the paintings and photographs created by members of the art groups from all three countries.

The link to the theater performance was added to the organization's website after the festival, so they will be accessible to all other interested parties in the future.










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