An online Digital Library was created where all artwork are stored and promoted. This digital library constitutes an art gallery where mental health service users can store an promote their work in the following years as well. Artists with mental health problems have the opportunity to reach a broader audience and develop their career using the online tools to upload and present their works. Through the platform they have the opportunity to create online profiles and portfolios, participate to virtual exhibitions, and add information for their, find customers for their products, see others works, etc. The platform includes an API that is the tool that handles the execution of all the communication protocols, and the synchronization and the data transfer among all components of the ART4PSY system; it also implements and monitors the main security mechanisms.


Augmented Reality apps/readers: Augmented Reality (AR) combines the physical world and an interactive, three-dimensional virtual world. The AR tools present additional information about the artists (e.g. artist’s profile) to the visitors while the later point their smartphone or tablet’s camera to a painting. All the work behind will be taking place through web services connecting the AR app to the project’s portal. For the augmentation tools the platform Vuforia’s Web Services API is used. The API enables third party services to upload and manage images in Cloud Databases using a REST based API via HTTP. The development of the AR players for iOS, Android is done with the Unity3D platform and Vuforia’s Augmented Reality SDK.


Virtual Reality Applications: The Virtual Reality (VR) app allows for integration of different media in Virtual Exhibitions. The tool is powered by Unity 3D, thus supporting a cornucopia of 2D and 3D graphics, including 3D worlds, while it incorporates VR interfaces allowing the user wearing the VR headsets to navigate in a 3D exhibitions and see more artifacts to those physically exhibited or even the artist while working on his atelier for the development of the artifact.



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