Panhellenic Association for Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Work Integration (PEPSAEE)  (Project Leader)

PEPSAEE is a Scientific Non-Governmental Organization that was established more than 20 years ago (on 1996). It aims at facilitating the social inclusion and work integration of people with psychosocial problems and takes part in the national programme for psychiatric reform in Greece. It has more than 50 employees and numerous volunteers and operates three rehabilitation structures:

• Specialized Day Centre “Social Dialogue Centre”

• The Day Centre “…at the centre of town”

• The Residential House “Athina”

In all of PEPSAEE’s structures, we implement activities relevant to art, as we consider it to be closely linked to mental health. We value art and culture as means for the improvement of mental health and we focus on the following principles (based on “Recovery” methodology):

• I stay active

• I participate

• I learn/ develop/ acquire skills

• I create/ express myself

• I have fun/ relax

• I become independent/ work

At the same time we strongly believe that work is an essential factor for real social inclusion. This is why we have established the first employment office in Greece for people with mental health problems.


Art Movement (AM), is a non – profit nongovernmental company focused on providing educational activities, support of civil initiatives in the area of culture and arts with the emphasis on the implementation of quality Czech and foreign international or domestic projects, and awareness of Czech society on the issue of exclusion of the mentally ill in the Czech Republic. The means to achieve these goals are cultural, educational and information projects. AM has established collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centers and various NGO´s as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond. Based in Prague, Czech Republic. AM systematically introduces to the public current trends and research methods and results in cultural history, particularly in relation to sociology, political science and cultural anthropology. Discussions about the importance of culture and civic society in the EU environment. Many activities have strong culture-educational aspect: training sessions, workshops, exhibitions, performances and films. AM is run by a three-member Board. The Board's decisions are carried out by the Chairman or Deputy Chairman .


Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known company in IT services in Greece. The company has a proven record in conceptual system architecture, system design, software development, systems integration and systems evaluation. Has been involved in many European projects as systems integrator and software developer. Apart from traditional Software Development services the company offers to cultural organizations (a) Digital preservation and curation of cultural heritage, (b) Development of digital interpretations and learning approaches, and (c) Multi-channel distribution and sustainability over time. The company’s experts propose and implement up-to-date strategies regarding cultural content and user experience design, in order to help cultural organizations to reach public and audience with the best-possible way and expand outreach to all digital channels, both those controlled by the organization and those generated by users.

L' Appétit des Indigestes

"L’appétit des Indigestes (ASBL)" is a theater troupe that brings together people with diverse experiences of psychiatry and madness. The troupe is currently composed with 26 actors, it is open to all, regardless of the course of life, the strengths and weaknesses of the person. The only condition to be part is to come with the desire to create a play that will be built through questions confronting the borders of madness and normality/ sanity. The role of the director is to help everyone to reveal his creativity and/by putting the focus on what each person brings with him to the troupe; keeping the closest attention to whom and where he is at that specific time. Through bi-weekly theater workshops including creative research and writing but also through the theatrical performances in cultural institutions, hospitals and events involving social issues (conferences, festivals...), “L’ appetit des Indigestes” creates a movement between the ones who look at and the ones who show. This double movement operates at first "of oneself" being at the same time expressed towards the public, it is then a work of de-stigmatization process that can start, as well as for the participants themselves as for the public to whom they address themselves.




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